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Recipes for Life - Linda Evans I am a memoir junkie and I love this twist that Evans gives to her latest book in this genre by including recipes that link her history with dishes she remembers. Anyone who has ever witnessed her acting ability and grace can see the direct link from her parent who were professional ballroom dancers during the 1940's and starts off with a recipe for hot dog stew that she used to eat when money was tight. She carries this thread through out the book by matching memories with the food she prepared. I did learn a lot about Evans from this book like: Barbara Stanwyck, her co star on Big Valley taught her how to be a star with dignity and grace. She became friends with her ex-husband, John Derek's wives including Ursula Andress, Bo Derek and his first wife Patti. She won the UK version of Hell's Kitchen, so you know she is a fabulous chef. She answers those questions about Rock Hudson on Dynasty. She covers a bit about Yanni, but not the details. My heart breaks for her over that one. Her best friend, Bunky, brings out the silly in Linda.I think this book is best stored with your cook books since the recipes are fabulous! I can't wait to try them all out. My favorite recipe is the Artichoke Dip which is so easy to make and is wonderful for parties. I like to hollow out a round of sour dough to place the dip mixture inside and use the remains of the bread to dip. Just Wonderful! You can find the recipe in my next post!

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