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Awkward Family Pet Photos - 'Mike Bender',  'Doug Chernack' MY THOUGHTSABSOLUTELY LOVED ITTHIS BOOK CURED MY HEADACHE.It also made me laugh uncontrollably. And, seriously, I did have a terrible headache when I started to read this one, but by the time I finished, I was laughing so hard that I completely forgot that my head hurt.The overall concept of the book is pretty simple, take some family photos from the earlier decades and pair them with funny captions. The majority of them really made me laugh and they even included some chickens with a family. For some reason, people taking pictures with their chickens (ok, there were a few roosters in there too), just seemed horribly funny to me at the time. There is a section devoted to birds, cats, dogs, farm animals and reptiles. Interspersed between the pictures are little essays from a vet and from the picture subjects explaining the photograph. This would make an excellent gift for any pet lover who has a skewed sense of humor.

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