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A Novel Seduction - Gwyn Cready Ellery sticks her literary foot in her mouth when she writes a review dumping on the latest it book about vampires and romance in general. The biggest problem is that her boss and editor is having an affair with the author of the vamp book she just lambasted. He ex hottie, photographer Axel, takes up her boss on a dare (and a bit of cash) tries to convince Ellery to write a postive article on romance and girlfriend, he can't turn it down. Ellery thinks romances are best used for kindling. So, when Ellery starts to research her article on romance, she becomes swept away into the historical world she is creating in deciding to write her own. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this whole story line! The humor woven through is enough to keep my snark happy and well, the chemistry between Ellery and Axel just sparks. If you enjoyed the Outlander series, you will be thrilled at the references and sly nods that Cready slips in with Kiltlander book that Ellery decides to read and get swept up in. There are also many pointed references to the vampire threads that are so immensely popular right now that I couldn't help but think, "how true". Overall. this is a wonderful contemporary romance with a good dose of humor that is completely believable. YAY!

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