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Dewey's Nine Lives: The Legacy of the Small-Town Library Cat Who Inspired Millions - Vicki Myron This is a wonderful collection of stories inspired by readers of Vicki Myron's other book and is filled with the healing properties that animals can bring to your life. Several of the stories really touched my heart, especially Spooky which tells the tale of a Vietnam vet who is suffering from undiagnosed PTSD and the redemption he finds with a black cat who truly had nine lives. This cat was literally dropped onto the roof of his car one night by a bird of prey and Bill takes the cat to a nearby vet in hopes that the animal can be saved. The cat lives and survives more animal encounters with a bear and a coyote. The most incredible part of the story is how this cat truly helps Bill overcome his own issues by providing unconditional love.My other favorite is the story of Cookie, another cat who is not supposed to live and the woman who adopts her even though she doesn't have room for another cat. Cookie demands to be taken home from a no kill shelter and quickly establishes herself as ruler of the domain she presides over. No matter what kind of day Lynda has, Cookie is there for her. The stories in this book just make you feel good with warm fuzzies. A few of the stories are a bit sad, but they are also very uplifting at the same time. I can't imagine another book that is more perfect for gift giving to your favorite animal person this holiday season.

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