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Reasons to Be Happy - Katrina Kittle Hannah the daughter of two famous celebrities in Hollywood where looks rule over substance. Normal teenage body issues are magnified because of who her parents are -- beautiful, talented, rich and very well known. She falls subject to peer pressure trying to be what she is not and while her body is still developing, she turns to bulimia to control the fears and insecurities all teens face. While the story is heartbreaking, Hannah shows the readers that there is hope for recovery when she travels to Ghana to be with her aunt while she is directing a documentary. It is only there, that Hannah truly finds herself. What an absolutely beautifully written story! This book should be on all young adult and middle school library shelves since it is exactly what girls on the cusp of maturity need to know and how to deal with this touchy subject. I know a few girls from high school that bulimia claimed: one lost teeth, another now has osteoporosis and they still have self esteem issues to this day. This disease is nothing new, but at least now it is finally being talked about in the open. If you like Lauren Myracle, then you will truly love this story.

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