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Eden - Tommy Arlin, Tony Monchinski MY THOUGHTSREALLY LIKED IT The earth has been devastated by a disease that turns humans into zombies that crave human flesh and a core group of characters, some neighbors, some traveling from safe site to site across the North East of the United States try to band together to form a community in order to exist. The story centers around Harris who dreams of a zombie free life once again and reminisces about the past with the new citizens of a walled in area that protects them from the invading hoards. The story focuses on the small day to day interactions and the horror that has become their survival. When Harris finds himself bitten he knows he is infected with the disease that will soon turn him zombie. I found it fascinating that he goes through all of the grief stages, much like a terminal cancer patient. He also refers to three types of zombies: walkers, sprinters and thinkers. The thinkers are few, while the sprinters are the scariest. Most of the action in the story is trying to get away from the invading zombies and killing them with a shot to the head. Overall, this is a psychological horror tale that should please most zombie lovers!

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