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So Far Away: A Daughter's Memoir of Life, Loss, and Love - Christine W. Hartmann MY THOUGHTSLOVED ITChristine Hartmann's mother. Irmgard, tells her that she plans on committing suicide when she turns seventy. No matter how many discussions mother and daughter have about it, the fact remains that Irmgard does not want to live through a painful end. After watching her brilliant father descend into dementia and suffer strokes, her mother is determined not to share the same fate. Hartmann has recreated her conversations with her mother to tell her about the loss she suffered when both her parents pass. This is a very emotional memoir that will hit home with anyone who has lost a parent. Hartmann should be thanked for publishing this important story about her own grief and loss of her parents. It is a story that everyone can relate to that has elderly parents and one that should open discussions about your own end of life choices with your children. I was truly heartbroken by the end of the story when her mother actually follows through with the act. Even though it was discussed, I don't think Hartmann actually ever thought that her mother would go through with it. This is something all parents and children need to talk about before life gets to a point where you can't make an informed choice.

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