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Liesl & Po - Kei Acedera, Lauren Oliver MY THOUGHTSABSOLUTELY LOVED ITLiesl is locked in the atticby her stepmother after her father's death and draws to fill her time. Po, a ghost, neither male nor female and Bundle, neither cat nor dog, visits her and said it has found her father on The Other Side and that he hasn't crossed over to the Beyond. Po will rely more messages if she draws for him. Through Po, Liesl finds strength and determination to escape from her prison and return her father's ashes to next to her mother so he can be at peace and move to the Beyond.Will, an orphan, has seen the girl in the attic from his many travels collecting materials and making deliveries for the Alchemist as his apprentice. He never imagines that their paths will cross but when he mixes up the ashes of Liesl's father with magic for the Lady Premier, their lives become dangerously intertwined. As they both escape from their horrible lives and find their way to deliver the ashes to a restful place, more intrigue and danger meet then head on.What an amazing book and wonderful story in the vein of The Tales of the Desperaux. This is easily a story that can be read aloud by parents to their children for them to truly enjoy together. Yes, it is a ghost story but nothing that should scare the younger readers and it should open the door for some interesting discussions about death. Oliver has create a timeless tale and is a beautiful remembrance for the passing of a friend.

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