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52 Small Changes: One Year To A Happier, Healthier You - Brett Blumenthal MY THOUGHTSLOVED ITFor anyone who has struggled to have a healthier new year and failed, this is the book for you! I fell off the wagon in my own health situation and I have high hopes for following this simple plan to get back on track. All of the ideas in this book are easy to put to use and very inexpensive. The first thing the author discusses is the importance of water. Water is pretty much a miracle for any dieter and those who really want to be in better health. The second thing that really caught my attention was the simple act of walking. Just by walking a little bit each day and increasing it weekly, you can easily get become more flexible, lower your cholesterol and lose a bit of weight.Each chapter builds on the previous and you can add each step or take your time with each step. I think for those of us truly motivated, you can get all through each of the weeks a lot faster than a year. There is even "extra credit" when you feel especially determined. I did have to laugh at the part about getting a dog to aid in making you walk. I had an Australian Shepherd, who without fail and no matter the weather, would wake me at 5am to go for a walk. I now have a dachshund that prefers to sleep in, hates cold and rain, and would like to chase things rather than walk. I guess this plan will have to make her more active as well.One thing that might be a challenge for some people is the chapter on food, where the author recommends organic and natural things only. Once you start substituting fruit and vegetables for processed food, you will gradually start to feel better. I know personally that organic products cost more and for a lot of people this in itself is something of a deal breaker, but these days there is a lot more choice and the prices are coming down on a lot of these products. Overall, this is one of the best books about changing yourself and your health situation I have seen in a long time.

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