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The Yoga Club - Cooper Lawrence MY THOUGHTS LOVED ITCoco made her money through a cellulite cream, Bailey is a celebrity reporter and sees quite a bit of action, Olivia is a shy geek and CJ is not quite out of the closet. The group meet at Yoga and become fast friends all deciding to go as Sarah Palin for the Halloween soiree in their Connecticut town. So when they get to the mayor's house and find him in kinky attire and rolling up a body in a carpet, I guess you could say things get strange. Now the group is being threatened by someone that will expose all of their dirty secrets unless they remain quiet about the crime. This adorable Chick Lit Cozy, is a quick and chatty read, perfect for a dose of lighthearted mystery. I adored CJ with his witty remarks and almost felt sorry for Olivia and her issues, but she is the quiet strength in this group. Bailey almost stole the show with her quips though. I really enjoyed this quick read and if you enjoy Josie Brown or Debra Galant, you will love this author as well.

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