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There is No Dog - Meg Rosoff MY THOUGHTSABSOLUTELY LOVED ITBob, like most teen boys thinks about one thing and one thing only: sex. The problem with this is that Bob has a job as GOD and he is moody, a slob and well, a teenaged boy! He has created the earth and everything that goes with it and the earth responds to his moods with earthquakes, tsunamis and bizarre weather patterns. Especially if he forgets his running bath and well, you know what happened when it rained for 40 days. Mr. B is his personal assistant and roommate, but in all actuality, really runs the place taking care of paperwork and responding to prayers worldwide. Bob doesn't really pay attention to such things except every once in awhile, so when he does happen to intercept a prayer of Lucy wishing to fall in love, all hell breaks loose.Oh and Bob has found out that his mother got him the job as god, that and no one else really wanted it. Mona who probably stars in the Real Housewives of the Heavens also has an insane gambling problem and has lost Bob's pet ECK in a multi galaxy card game to Estelle's father, a probable gangster as a featured dinner. The ECK was my favorite little furry, penguin with an anteater nose creature ever! He squeaks and squeals and shouts ECK! whenever he is truly disturbed with Bob, which is quite often. Bob and Lucy really connect over the Eck since she works in a zoo. Of course the romance doesn't work out since Lucy will have none of Bob's nonsense.I just adored the tongue in check, sarcastic tone of this story. Much like Neil Gaiman and Christopher Moore, the wittiness and fantasy are just so pleasurable that this really was a quick read for me. I still kept hearing Joan Osborne's song "What if God Were One of Us" while reading this. Overall a fun and quirky read that should enable discussions about what else is out there.

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