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Hallowed - Cynthia Hand MY THOUGHTSLOVED IT*** spoilers if you haven't read Unearthly ***Clara is still conflicted about her decision to save Tucker and let Christian fend for himself during the fire. She questions her purpose and what exactly she should have done. Patience, my dear reader, it all will be revealed and then you will be stuck wanting to know the answer to even more questions! ARGHHH! I loved Unearthly so much and the way the words just flowed together and this installment matches that one in tempo nicely. So after finishing this one, I now have even more questions and even more about what will come in the next book.Clara still thinks Tucker is the perfect guy for her and in a lot of ways he really is. He gets her off beat sense of humor filled with sarcastic comments. He respects her and wants to see her fulfill her purpose even if that means she will never be the perfect girl for him. He is just an all around good guy, especially for a teenager and especially for a guy. I have to give giant kudos to the author for making him three dimensional and well rounded as well as believable. The incredible part about this story is that I have even developed feelings for Christian, that way-too-perfect person that has some secrets of his own. Oh what a tangled web of a triangle romance that has now been woven between Christian, Clara and Tucker! My other fav character of Angie plays a wonderful supporting role in making Clara think about what is going on with her life and that the fact her mother keeps silent about just exactly what her purpose is makes it more interesting. I would adore a spin off of Angela or even more of her in the next book. Jeffrey and Wendy are pretty much a walk on in this one and I kind of miss them. I don't understand how such a typical teenage triangle could make me enjoy a story line like this since it is a real staple of young adult fiction these days, but the way Hand puts the words together make me want to read about how Clara brushes her teeth and even mundane things become truly heartfelt and interesting. I am seriously too old to be swept away by a romance like this, but the whole thing is just a really wonderful read.

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