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KBL: Kill Bin Laden: A Novel Based on True Events - John Weisman MY THOUGHTSREALLY LIKED ITThe story recreates what happened when SEAL Team Six that night of the Bin Laden raid with fictionalized members and recounts what we know about the events filled in with a bit of speculation. Reading recent news reports about that night when Obama made the fateful decision goes somewhat against what is written in the book and I am sure that more details will be released in the upcoming months. I really have to say whether the story told here is true or not, this is one fast ride! The characters are well defined and interesting making you care about them as individuals and not some crazy guys bent on murder and revenge. They training and their resources is just amazing to read about. The back story in how they figured out where Bin Laden was is probably the most fascinating thing in the story. This really had a Mission Impossible theme going on since what the SEALS accomplished. Don't try and read this one before going to sleep sleep since it might keep you up wondering what happens next.

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