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Home Front: A Novel - Kristin Hannah MY THOUGHTSLOVED ITJolene and Michael deal with daily life like other couples, they have their ups and downs, although currently, there are in a down phase. So when reservist Jolene is called up for duty to serve in Iraq, the family is thrown into turmoil. Although she hides it, as a mother of young children, what she sees there tears her apart and leaves her with PTSD (post traumatic stress syndrome). Michael must step up and become a single parent while defending another soldier who kills his wife and is clearly suffering from PTSD as well after being shot down from her Black Hawk helicopter. (Note: major tears at this point) Michael feels sorry for himself after the death of his father and feels he doesn't love Jo anymore and lets her know. (Serious weeping at this point)Kristin Hannah tackles some very important subjects in her latest release. I have always felt that the public doesn't really know what happens in a combat zone, unless you are related to someone who has been there and even then, you don't get the full story since these people are trained to push aside their feelings. It also brings up the question of whether women should serve in combat. To say this is an emotional read is an understatement and much like Jodi Picoult, Hannah mines the depth of research and character development to bring to life a story that I am sure is happening all over the country but mostly not talked about.

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