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Underworld - Meg Cabot MY THOUGHTSLOVED ITJohn Hayden has taken Pierce back to the Underworld to keep her safe from her crazy grandmother who it turns out has been taken over by a Fury and wants to kill her. If you remember the story of Persephone and Hades, you know the girl should have never eaten there since that is what kept her in hell with Hades - maybe. Yes, she ate since she was famished but Pierce feels there is more to this myth than John is letting on. She is settling into her life in the Underworld, deciding that if she is stuck there she might as well make the best of a bad situation. That is all well and good until she finds her cell phone and sees a mysterious video from her cousin Alex. She begs John to take her back home so she can rescue him from certain death. There are several murky little details that make up this mystery in the latest installment of Abandon. I like the characters and thought this was a fun read but parts of the plot seemed a bit predictable and convenient to carry the story forward. Even though the storyline depends on Alex, he doesn't really make an appearance until the last part of the book.Which brings me to Kayla - my favorite - and is only briefly brought out. I missed her snarky little comments so much. This one left me with a few questions that beg answers. I wonder if Pierce figures out exactly how she can exist in both worlds, if she finds herself still in love with John, even though I find him a bit creepy and if her grandmother is ever released from the Furies. Overall, this is a fun little series and a quick read. The minor characters are very fun in a pirate kind of way. Yes, you have to read the book to get those details and the exact plot.

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