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A Dog's Journey - W. Bruce Cameron, George K. Wilson MY THOUGHTSLOVED ITContinuing Buddy's story from A Dog's Purpose, we meet him again near the end of his current life where he meets Clarity, Ethan's granddaughter. As his last act of selflessness, he saves the toddler from certain death when she falls into the pond, where her mother, Gloria, is sunbathing nearby. Of course, she blames Buddy for pushing Clarity in the water. So when Buddy is reincarnated as Molly, her finds a new life's purpose in guarding her. Gloria is, in my opinion, one of the worst mothers ever. She causes Clarity no end of pain in her selfish lifestyle even causing an eating disorder in this poor child. The audio version really emphasizes the evil of Gloria, something that might be lost in the written word. Of course, Molly doesn't last long but long enough to keep Clarity going and without harm for this part of her teen years and dies in a car accident in which she is thrown from the seat. After a quick respite, Max takes Molly's place where he learns he has a gift detecting cancer in humans when Clarity must do community service at a dog shelter. Max is reborn as Toby and he literally chases Charity down since he knows that she desperately needs saving again. Toby also retains the gift of cancer detection and saves her husband Trent from certain death as well. I adored this book and it will really tug at your heartstrings if you are dog lover. I only cried twice during this one, I mean full on, tears when Clarity was really struggling with her life. The dogs always brought it around full circle. Dogs add such impact to your life in such a good way. Bruce Cameron really has a gift at capturing a dog's personality and making this type of story truly believable. These are special books.

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