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United Breaks Guitars: The Power of One Voice in the Age of Social Media - Dave Carroll MY THOUGHTSLOVED ITDave Carrolll has endured every musician's nightmare: his guitar, his baby, was tossed and broken by the baggage handlers on a United flight. He honestly tried to get satisfaction from the company, but they pretty much ignored him. He wrote out a plan, which is really impressive, and followed through on each step that he thought out. He would be polite, try to resolve the issue and settle for a sum which would not even begin to cover the repair. So he did what any musician worth his salt, he wrote a song about it and put it on You Tube. His only goal was to get a million views on a trilogy of songs documenting his quest for satisfaction. It received more than that in just four days. Carroll was thrown into a media whirlwind and knowing just enough, he bravely took it on and tried to get United to understand that the way they were treating their customers was wrong. His battle with them became a text book case of consumer affairs and what not do in public relations if you are a major corporation in this day of social media. I have to say that this book is exceptionally well written and very enjoyable. What made it very special is that it tells a story and makes his experiences very easy to relate to. I mean, who hasn't been abused by an airline, but the way Carroll responded should be a lesson for the consumer and the corporation. The smart ones pay attention and try to fix it, especially in this day of social media where every one really has a voice.

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