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Ocean Beach - Wendy  Wax MY THOUGHTSABSOLUTELY LOVED ITAfter renovating Casa Flora, Madeline, Avery and Nicole are back together and have a new project to conquer. Maddie's daughter, Kyra and her newborn join the crew along with Deirdre, Avery's mom who has been hired by the channel to design the house. The documentary has been sold to Lifetime and the channel has ordered up a new season of episodes for a show now named DO OVER. The only problem is that the channel wants it to be more a a reality show than a remodeling show. They all meet up in South Beach and find themselves a bit overwhelmed with camera crew and undertaking the restoration of a soon to be gorgeous, streamline modern. I was really taken with the descriptions of the house and could just picture everything perfectly!The owner of the house, Max, is the one who stole my heart in this book. Before his wife of 50 years, Millie, dies, she makes him promise that he will restore their beloved house to its former glory so when there son returns home, it will look the same. There is a bit of mystery about the son and what exactly happened to him. Max is also a former comedian, so there is plenty of humor and humility from him. So along with the crew, cast of the work crew restoring the house, the hot detective that was following Nicole also shows up to make things really hot. This is more than just a breezy summer read, these characters all have depth and their intertwining, yet individual stories really connected with me. It is filled with humor and grace and certainly right true in the dialogue. There are still a few undercurrents from the first in this series, like Maddie's relationship with her fallen husband as well as Avery and her mother trying to get over their past. I hope that I can read more about these characters again since they really have a place in my heart.

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