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The After Wife - Gigi Levangie Grazer MY THOUGHTSABSOLUTELY LOVED ITHannah, a producer of reality shows, is married to the love of her life and when he is killed while riding his bike, her world crumbles. Her "grief team" surrounds her with love and tries to get her back on track to keep her and her young daughter from despair and becoming homeless. Jay, her multi talented, gay, producing partner is always there for her and makes sure Ellie, is always dressed in style. Aimee, is the quintessential LA actress, but with a heart and may always be know as "that girl in the shampoo commercial". Chloe, ohmigosh, where do I start with Chloe, she is everything I hate about LA, but I did end up loving her at the end. Chloe is a dog rescuing (bonus points!), yoga practicing Uber Mommy that is probably better known as Momzilla, except with a spray tan and lots of blond highlights, married to a financier and on her way down in the bank account.When Ellie is kicked out of her posh pre school for talking to her dead dad, things really get out of control quickly. Hannah starts to hear voices and then sees people, dead people, who give her really amazing advice and she starts to think she is crazy and leads to her to several laugh out loud mishaps. I didn't really expect this book to be paranormal, but I knew that the original working title was Happy Medium and being a huge fan of the Long Island Medium, well, you can see which direction this book took. It was so easy to walk me though that door and into believing that this could happen to an ordinary person. Her besties are just some of the funniest characters that I have read about in a long time. Sigh, I always read Gigi's books without stopping and since I have read everything of hers, I always hate the wait until her next book arrives. I think I did this one in a record 3 hours. If you need a perfect beach book, take this one with you. I may end up rereading this one since I adored the laughs so much. Oh, this would make an awesome television series and since the author already has the Starter Wife, this could be huge. I would love to follow Hannah as she talks to more dead people and helps others with their lives. Also....the author has a DACHSHUND! You know my rules...any author with a dachshund rules.

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