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Legend - Marie Lu MY THOUGHTSLOVED ITAfter natural disasters and civil war has devastated much of what was once the United States of America, the country has been torn apart. A military dictatorship has taken over the western part of the United States, while eastern part is flooded. Day and June both have a lot in common, even though they were born on opposite ends of the social and economic spectrum. They both are fifteen, brilliant, mentally and physically gifted. Yet June has had all of the opportunities of an education, health care and a secure home and is slated to become a great military figure with perfect aptitude scores. Day has had to struggle in the slums of what once Los Angeles and didn't pass the trial which determines a child's future and he is left for dead. Their individual stories are told in alternating chapters until they meet when June captures Day as the country's most wanted criminal. OK, June bothered me since she just seemed to self righteous and perfect at first even though she did pull a few pranks at school and tried to fight the system a bit. She knows she is smart and has been called the prodigy but really wants to be in the military system. She is sent on her first assignment to capture Day. Day is street smart and lives under cover since he is supposed to be dead. He revolts against the system by sabotaging the government and their fight against the colonies, which is really the renamed eastern part of the US. He thinks that the colonies must have a better system than the rule he lives under. When he meets up with a street fighter, who clues him in to what is actually happening. His other friend, Tess, has always stood by his side and when they help June he finds himself quickly double crossed. The plot is a pure dystopian standard where the country has been devastated, the government is evil and the only hope are the kids and young adults who must come to the rescue of the nation. Before you think this is just another formula in the current trend, the writing and characters stand above the competition. I really enjoyed it and even the first part dragged a bit for me, the end was a pure rush which nicely sets up the next book in the trilogy. This book is pretty safe even for young teens with the only objection being violence. There are one or two kisses, a mention or two of alcohol and even the violence is not that graphic.

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