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The Burning House: What Would You Take? - Foster Huntington MY THOUGHTSLOVED ITThis book answers that all important question: If your house is on fire, what do you take? For each person in the book, the choices are all unique, as unique as the person. For some, I agreed wholeheartedly. Yes, of course, you take the passport, the wallet or purse, the animals and those items that mean something to you historically. At the back of the book, there is an unscientific survey that counts up what people take. I was surprise that books came in at number four, but paging through, you can see that people have indeed chosen out of print, special editions and just plain marked up copies that contain memories. That warmed my soul! The photographs are all spectacular, although some more than others. Each vignette is perfectly composed and even the simple ones are just stunning. I think one of my favorites is just a picture of someone wearing shoes made out of material that said "change the world". He said that the only thing he wanted to save was himself. That pretty much sums up the whole idea. This would make a wonderful gift for that favorite photographer in your life. It should also appeal to fans of PostSecret and Found. I just loved it.

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