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The Fame Shame Game: The Debut (Vol.1) - Eiko La Boria MY THOUGHTSLOVED ITLana De Luna is gorgeous, has a perfect body, knows she can act and wants to be a star! She heads out to LA to make her deal with the devil to become an actress. In her case, the devil turns out to be a director named Morton Cay. Everything is going according to plan and she outplays the slimy agent who insists he can only do his job if she pays him with sexual favors. She wins over Morton be refusing the one sexual act he requests and he falls in love with her. As she rises in the fame game, the seedy parts of Hollywood all come out in every way possible. I adore how she is almost psychotic but can best even the best of the players in the fame game. OK. Ladies, how many times have you really wanted to read a naughty book like 50 Shades of Gray but didn't want something so serious? You like a little humor with your sex and would love to have some pictures to go along with the words? THIS is the book for you. It mixes anime, erotic and satire all in one neat package that is so much fun you will want to read it again and again. You will probably have to hide it from your significant other and friends since it is bound to be stolen. The sexual situations are all quite believable and although some read like a letter to Penthouse feature, you will want to reread them again and again. I have to say that the anime parts of the book are quite remarkable since the pictures are worth way more than one thousand words. There are also bits of poetry, music and visits from starlets of the golden days of Hollywood featured through out the story. It was a nice change of pace from the typical erotic romance book. I bet this could be made into a reality show for something like the Playboy channel. Yeah, that would be interesting.

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