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Clean - Alex  Hughes MY THOUGHTSLOVED ITAfter the TechWars have devastated the United States, people no longer rely on electronics since they were able to develop into senescent beings. Parts of the country have been ruined and the police are still trying to get ahead of the bad guys. Told in the first person, a telepath, level 8, has the ability to read people's minds. As a recovering addict, he has lost his job with the Guild, the organization who controls humans with paranormal gifts and now subsists on his job as an interrogator for the police. The skill with bringing out the truth from criminals, has brought him steady work. There, I ruined it for you. The main character is a "he" and that small fact took me almost 30 pages to figure out. His name remains a mystery through out the book. The world building is quickly done and Blade Runner comes to mind for the setting. You can feel the heat of Georgia in July, the craving that comes with being a drug addict and basic human need for love. When he has a vision (pre-cog) of his partner and his own death, you can feel how much he doesn't want to believe it but has to do something about it. Several minor characters like his AA sponsor add to his struggle and that increases when he finds himself falling for his police partner, Cherabino, a strong female presence who has her own issues. I was seriously turning the pages on this one to find out if the pair can solve a series of murders and in turn save lives. The paranormal part of this is some of the best science fiction I have read in a long time. Now, I can't wait to see where this series goes next. I hope that there is more detail into exactly what caused his breakdown and subsequent drug use of Satin and exactly what that drug is since it sounds so much like heroin. It will be interesting to see where the next one goes.

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