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A Fistful of Collars - Spencer Quinn MY THOUGHTSLOVE LOVE LOVED ITSo Chet and Bernie are back on the job and this time there is some Hollywood action involved. The Mayor has secured a big time movie project for the Valley and in order to make sure the star stays on the straight and narrow, his office hires The Little Detective Agency to help out. Of course there is some history between the Valley and superstar Thad Perry. All Bernie has to do is keep him safe and on track to finish the movie. That is easier said than done since Thad has a deep, dark secret that seems to encourage his drug use and possibly derail the project. Chet is all set to sniff out what makes Thad so unhappy. As the movie rolls along, bodies start turning up. Bernie and Chet are present for both so far and begin to link them to Thad's body guard. Things get really sticky when his ex wife, Leda, gets all moony eyed over Thad and their son, Charlie, is offered a small roll in the production. To further complicate Chet's treat schedule is Susie, Bernie's girlfriend who has announced that she has a new reporting job in Washington DC. Of course, Chet is there to narrate and keep things on track as well as collar those nasty perps. WOW! I really thought I had this plot figured out from the start but there are plenty of surprises in store. Or course Chet doesn't disappoint with his zen outlook on life which centers around his eating schedule. Bernie is still a bit depressed and seem to be on the brink even more with Susie's defection to the East Coast, just when I thought things were going in the right direction for him. Any fan of this series is going to adore this installment and even if you haven't read one of the books, you can easily pick this one up. This is one of those books that I want to share with the world since Chet is the perfect narrator.

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