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The Demoness of Waking Dreams - Stephanie Chong MY THOUGHTS ABSOLUTELY LOVED ITLuciana is a centuries old demon and thrives on the darkness of her soul. She must make a sacrifice of a human soul each year to keep her life on earth. This year she has missed her deadline by a few hours because she has been detained by Brandon Clarkson, a cop turned Angel enforcer in order to take out her evilness from the world. She manages to escape and complete the murder of a young opera star, but it isn't enough. Satan sends his henchman, Corbin to make a new deal with Luciana. She must kill the Angel or she loses her soul to him forever and she must do it within a week. Coming from medieval Italy, she is well versed in poison, so becomes her plan to kill Brandon.You don't need to read the first book since the characters from that one are only briefly mentioned in this one, but Where Demons Fear to Tread does put this story in good perspective. Luciana is portrayed with just enough doubt of her evilness that you believe that she can overcome that and be redeemed. Her backstory is one of heartbreaking devastation that was probably a common thread while she was growing up in Italy ages ago with forced marriage and being beaten as a wife. Brandon has his own issues and is truly one of those good souls that aren't overbearing in their goodness.Well, I enjoyed this one a lot more than the first for some reason. It was a bit more gritty and sexy and was a very quick read for me. The characters and their internal dialogue was wonderful and the two stars really came together. The use of speaking through dreams was a perfect way to connect them. I love the idea that even in total evilness, there can be redeeming good. This is a different sort of paranormal romance that has a nice message of that goodness triumphing! Now I can't wait for the next one.

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