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What in God's Name: A Novel - Simon Rich MY THOUGHTSLOVED ITHeaven is a cube farm, where the newly departed work for forty years and then retire to a heavenly life that sounds a bit like a Google campus with trendy restaurants, free bikes and all the cappuccino you can drink. Although you get those benefits while you work your five hour days in departments like answering prayers or miracles. The only problem is that God is bored with his job. He enjoys Earth and the humans that inhabit it, especially Nascar since the drivers always praise him but they serve no real purpose. He would much rather be playing golf. When Eliza is promoted to Miracles from Prayer, she is mentored by Craig, who tries to show her the ropes. Of course, Craig develops feeling for Eliza, but they are both so socially awkward, that not much really happens there. Well, until Eliza begins to realize that God has lost his way. She demands a meeting with him and he tells her that he just wants to do away with Earth and the humans. She of course, makes a deal with him, to preform a mircle where she can make two geeky humans at least date and kiss within 30 days. If she can accomplish this miracle with the help of Craig, Earth will be saved from destruction.There are so many laugh out loud funny moments in this book that is really absurd. Both seem to be as awkwardly shy as the couple they have adopted to save the Earth. So, the story is a bit hokey and predictable, but it is full of fun. There are plenty of Heaven jokes and you really wonder if it can all be true. Also, guest appearance by Regis Philben and my favorite character, Raoul, who is one of those guys that stands by the freeway and proclaims the end of the world is coming. God actually speaks to him and of course, he is completely sane but seen as crazy. Overall, fans of Douglas Adams and Christopher Moore should adore this one.

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