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Owlet - Emma Michaels MY THOUGHTSLOVED ITIris has had asthma ever since she can remember. She doesn't remember much about her early childhood except snippets of a poetic fairy tale and her magical island of Never Never. She doesn't remember her mother, only her father and Diana, her caretaker and somewhat aunt are her only friends and even then her father is always gone. A boy named Falcon always seems to drift somewhere in the back of her mind and she dreams of a snow covered island, which she isn't sure is her magical island or not. When Diana takes her to the island at her father's request, Iris is overjoyed that what little she does remember now seems to be true and she slowly gathers those memories together to piece together her mother and her own past. Falcon turns out to be a real boy with secrets of his own and her family is now only starting to open up about her true identity. Iris is unsure and almost dies after falling in the water which makes the family reveal her true purpose and history. I thought at first that this might be a shapeshifter story, but it reminded me a bit more of Native American folklore and the Skin Walkers. This first installment is full of setting the scene and world building and it is not until the end that Iris really comes to life as she remembers more and more and starts to become more independent. I can't wait for the next one to see how much more in control Iris will become and how she can work around what she truly is. Sorry, I am not giving up to much of the plot points since the revelation of her character is something you should read for yourself.

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