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Barefoot in the Rain - Roxanne St. Claire MY THOUGHTSLOVED ITJocelyn had a glamorous life in Hollywood until a scandal sends her back home to Mimosa Key where she had previously escaped an abusive life. Her best friend and neighbor Will, finds himself back there as well, unable to continue on as a pro baseball player. As she reconnects with old friends, including her ex, who would like not to be her ex, she feels sparks with Will and the two have some very sweet moments as the story progresses. I was definitely rooting for Jocelyn and Will to have a true chance at love and a romance with each other. Sigh, they just seem so well suited. This is a very wonderful contemporary romance that recreates the fakeness of Hollywood since Jocelyn is accused of breaking up a couple of stars and she just can't take the media glare. I really felt for her there. Of course, her ex, didn't seem so bad at first, but as that story unraveled you could see exactly how bad he was for her and how he kept her from discovering Will and their mutual feelings. Also, Jocelyn is shocked that she finds Will taking care of her father, now suffering from Alzheimer's, and his abuse was one of the main reasons she left home. As Jocelyn reconciles her feelings for her father, it frees her up to reconnect with Will on an even deeper level.

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