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Heaven Should Fall - Rebecca Coleman MY THOUGHTSLOVED ITJill thinks she has met the love of her life when she first hooks up with Cade. He seems so conscientious and full of positive energy, something she would like to see in herself. When Jill finds herself pregnant, Cade doesn't run, but stands by her and takes her home to stay with his family at their farm. The house is crowded and the rural attitudes of his family surprise her somewhat. Cade's brother, Elias is returning home from an tour of duty and shows all of the signs of severe PTSD. Even with his depression, Jill finds him a wonderful person, but even though she tries, she can't overcome his disease and she loses him at the end. Cade's sister Candy, religious to the extreme and her God and Guns husband, Dodge, point out exactly what Cade and Elias were trying to escape from when they both left the house. Dodge seems to overwhelming influence Cade to his point of view while Jill tries to make sense of it all. Each character is given a chance to present their point of view so you can see the different sides of each argument and story. At one point, I wanted to yell at Jill to get out of this environment but with her own story of abandonment, you can see how people can fall into this mind set. I really wasn't expecting the ending and much like The Kingdom of Childhood, it is full of little twists and turns of human emotions.

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