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The Reluctant Bachelorette: A Romantic Comedy - Rachael Anderson My ThoughtsABSOLUTELY LOVED ITTaycee (love that name!) has just dumped the latest guy to ask her to marry her all because she can't forget her first love in high school, Luke. He broke her heart and left her, moving on with his life. Jessa, her high school best friend, has a plan to save the local farming community and ropes Taycee into a scheme where she is the bachelorette on an internet game show to raise funds and publicity for their plight. Without knowing she is the bachelorette, Taycee eggs on the newly returned Luke to join the competition and then has to face them when Jessa announces her as the prize. Taycee still has feelings for Luke and as she winds her way through the bachelors, a few do catch her eye but she ends up comparing them all to Luke. There are some truly funny moments between Jessa and Taycee as well, as some of the more unlikable bachelors. As Taycee makes her way through all kinds of men, she finds herself really wondering what is truly important to her. The ending is just perfect.This story is lovingly written with a lot of humor and enough snark to make me extremely happy. I know it took a certain blogger forcing this book on me, but like most good things, I am sorry I waited so long to discover this author. I know Anderson is referred to as a clean romance author, but there is enough romantic tension to keep me swooning. Her sense of humor will keep me returning for more of her work.

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