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The Warrior - Margaret Mallory MY THOUGHTSLOVED ITDog Alert! Moira falls in love with Duncan as a teen and Duncan returns that love but realizes she is above him in class and there is no future for them. So when Duncan departs to fight in France, Moira is left at home and pregnant with his son. Her father marries her off to another clan ruler, Sean, who beats and abuses her since she is longer near her family and their protections. With only a wolfhound to protect her and her son against Sean, he forces Ragnall to choose between the dog or his mother. Right then, Moira plans to escape. Let's just say it doesn't end well for Sean. Duncan shows up right on schedule, although Moira would rather it be the devil to save her. Even more devastating is that Moira must leave Ragnall with another clan leader for protection. Of course, there are a few battles and arguments between the pair before they realize that they are meant for each other as well as some family issues that must be cleared up before they can be together. The true hero of this book is Sar, the wolfhound. Big Sigh. I fell in love with this dog as it protected Moira from evil men and even a wolf attack. Although Moira had her moments of not thinking clearly, she always put her son first and over came the circumstances of being a lady in the 1500's. As I turned the last page, I thought: I would be so happy if it ended right here. Even though this book is part of a series, it stands alone. I know I have read others in the series and a few of the characters cross over but you won't get lost in any way. Overall, this is one fun read and filled with romance of Highlanders.

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