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The Bracelet - Roberta Gately MY THOUGHTSLOVED ITAbby Monroe, newly dumped and laid off from her job as a pediatric nurse, decides to leave her life behind and is hired by the UN to compile statistics for their vaccine program. It is a job she is uniquely qualified for and is assigned to Peshawar, Pakistan. On her way to the refuge camp, she stops in Geneva for training and on an early morning run, she witnesses what she believes is a murder. A women falls four stories and Abby rushes to where she lands, as she approaches she see an amazing bracelet on the women's wrist. A man scares her and she rushes back to her hotel, only to discover that when the police are called, the body isn't there.Once she reaches Peshawar, she meet Najeela, who is the liaison for the UN. She is Afghan, and her father wishes to return to Afghanistan and seek a place within the new government. Najeela complains to Abby that she would love to marry her European boyfriend but she is under her father's rule at home and can only marry who he approves of. After growing up in Paris, she hates that she must return to the ancient ways of her land. She also explains the whole slave trade to Abby, were boys are sold to Arabs as camel jockeys (I had to look that one up), and young girls are sold as sex slaves. This is really eye opening and brings a lot of horrifying this to the forefront.The story really becomes more of a romance and mystery when Nick, a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, comes to the camp to research. He also tells Abby some harrowing stories about the refuges and human trafficking. As the pair dig deeper into the unsavory world of this horror, Abby seems to find herself. I really enjoyed this quick read and although there are some really awful things that happen to these refugees, it really opened my mind to what goes on in the rest of the world. I would definitely read another book by this author.

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