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Too Dangerous to Desire - Cara Elliott MY THOUGHTSLOVED ITSophie and Cameron grew up together in the countryside and their childhood is filled with adventure and true friendship, so when the time is right, Cameron proposes and Sophie turns him down. Not because her is a bastard nor that she doesn't love him, but the fact that as the vicar's daughter, she has a lot of family responsibilities and the timing is off. They part ways and Sophie thinks she will never see him again. That is until she meets him in London in a club where she shouldn't be. Cam is now a rake, pirate and thief and the last member of the Hell Hounds a group of reprobates that frequent the wrong places to be. When he realizes that Sophie is in the wrong place and that is indeed her, he starts to follow her to find out why she is there.So through this story of intrigue, he finds that Sophie's father is being blackmailed and she has no clue that he could even know anything of value. So when Cam appears, she cannot believe that this is the same man she grew up with. Sparks fly and the reunion is pure gold. Cam still has feelings for her and she reciprocates. Although that takes most of the book for the pair to realize that they have more in common than they originally thought. There are lots of little plot twists that will have you quickly reading this one through. I found this to be a quick read that will have you swept off your feet. I really enjoyed the fact that even though Sophie is the daughter of a preacher, she still has a bit of wile in her blood with which she can outsmart even the most ingenious criminal. Even though this is the third book in the series, you can easily pick this one up by itself.

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