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Hunk for the Holidays - Katie Lane MY THOUGHTSLOVE, LOVE, LOVED IT!Cassie works at her father's construction company with her four overbearing brothers. That wouldn't be so bad, except her father thinks she should be office help only. She really wants to be and architect and work in the field. When she is expected to attend the company Christmas part, she does what she always does to get her family off of her back about her social life: she hires an escort. So when a handsome guy shows up at her office at the right time and dressed in a tux, she thinks she hit the escort jackpot. Of course, the handsome guy plays along when he sees Cassie, since, hey, who would turn down a beautiful girl in a slinky red dress!As the party progresses, Cassie has a few too many and one thing leads to another before she discovers exactly who this guy is. It turns out even more interesting when the guy turns out to be James Sutton, her family's business rival. The two have a chemistry that is flammable, of course, in all the right ways. In fact, there is an accidental fire towards the end that had me howling! There is also a little subplot between Amy, her loyal assistant, and one of Cassie's brothers. With so many brothers, this book has the promise of a really good series.I just loved the story and there is a lot of depth to all of the characters, even those who make brief appearances like her overprotective brothers. There is also lots of well worked in moments of tension, all kinds of tension, both steamy and plot driven. Everything moves forward at a perfect pace and this was really the right book at the right time for me. It really made me forget my troubles for the five hours it took me to read this. YAY!

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