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Last Chance Christmas - Hope Ramsay MY THOUGHTSLOVED IT!Stone Rhodes has lost his wife, and with two young girls to raise, has not been interested in moving on with his life. As Ruby's oldest son, she and her Ladies at the Cut 'n' Curl have given up on ever getting him out of his rut of work and taking care of Lizzy and Haley. Haley was in the car when a drunk driver killed his wife and even though she was only two when the accident happened, she still hasn't gotten over it. Haley has been telling her father that an angel is weeping over him and when she demands an answer from her, she is told he must open his heart and move on. This sets Haley in motion, in the way only a young girl at Christmas who wants a special present can campaign.When Lark Chaikin, takes her father, Abe's, last wishes to heart, she travels to Last Chance to spread his ashes on the Golfing for God putt putt, which is owned by Stone's father. Apparently, there was some interaction between Stone's grandfather and Lark's father where the grandfather died the night Abe left town. Lark has a lot of issues mostly stemming from her job as a Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalist where she covers the horrors of war and natural disasters. After witnessing her mentor and friend die in a bomb blast, she doesn't think she will ever work again. She finds herself quickly intertwined with the ladies of the Cut 'n" Curl as they nurse her back to health when she is taken ill. They also want to take care of her mental as well as physical.As the town's history becomes clear to Lark, she wonders if she will ever be able to take care of her father's last wish and move on with her life. Of course, the Ladies know what is best for both Stone and Lark and there are some really sweet and AWWW moments as these two damaged people come together under the magic of an angel and the holidays. There is also a wonderful subplot of high school aged, Lizzy and her spunky ways trying to grow up under the watchful eyes of her father. She is one I want to read more about. This one will leave you a bit misty eyed, but cheered at the same time. I need to go back and read the story of Stone and Sharon and their romance. I just need that novella now so I can be all caught up in Last Chance.

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