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Two Sinful Secrets - Laurel McKee Recently widowed and now Mrs. Westman, Lady Sophia Huntington has fallen on hard times, banished from her family after eloping against their wishes, she resorts to managing a gambling establishment to support herself. At a masked event, she has just won an outrageous wager which should set her up to be respectable and possibly be forgiven by her father when she meets a man who threatens to reveal her secret life. Dominic St. Claire would like nothing better than to expose Sophia and exact revenge for what the Huntingtons did to destroy his family's fortunes. Even though, they are now quite successful actors, owner theaters and gambling halls, he want to reinstate the family name. When Dominic sets out to use her by winning her heart then dumping her at the alter, he finds that she is very adept at the game he is playing.Although Dominic tries to be deceptive with Sophia, he can't hide what his heart feels and this leads to conflicting emotions. Sophia has heard about the families' feud and she doesn't feel that is an all important thing in her life. For all of his plans, Dominic finds that he must protect Sophia and when the gentleman she won the wager with begins to stalk her, the story becomes even more intriguing. I loved how the two tried to fight their attraction and how that attraction played out with passion. There is a wonderful chemistry between the pair and I loved how Sophia always remained true to herself. This was a very fun read!

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