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All the Lonely People - Jess Riley MY THOUGHTSLOVED ITJaime, the youngest of three, has spent the last year caring for her mother who died from Ovarian cancer. Her oldest sister has always been perfect and dynamic, soaring quickly through law school and ignoring the fact that she has a family. Her older brother and his sarcasm has used Jaime as the butt of his jokes to the point of being cruel. The only reason she puts up with this oaf is because of his daughter, Hannah. So when even his religious wife can't contain his anger, Jaime loses it at Thanksgiving when he baits her one last time. She decides that she is fed up with her non feeling sister and ignorant brother and puts an ad on CraigsList for a new family to spend Christmas.The four people that answer the ad are truly characters. An elderly lady that is an artist and truly has her act together but too far from her family. A single man with a passion for rescuing dachshunds! A transgendered person that is truly a wonder and full of understanding even though she has been abused constantly and now estranged from her extremely Christian family. A young college student who just lost the love of her life in a car accident. When all of these people come together for a holiday dinner, things get increasingly strange but they do form a bond that will leave life long emotions. I really enjoyed the whole story and found it really believable. The characters were all people I seemed to recognize. Jaime realizes that her family will never be what she wants it to be and her husband, Eric doesn't have the family she needs/wants. I appreciate that he went along with the whole scheme with good humor and love. Even though it doesn't go exactly how Jaime wants it to go, I think she got just what she needed. I adored Riley's writing and the humor she captures in little things. If you enjoy Laurie Notaro's fiction works, you are going to love this one.

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