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Buddy: How a Rooster Made Me a Family Man - Brian McGrory Don't let the cover fool you. This is a memoir with a dog book. Well, ok, there IS a rooster involved but the author makes it clear right from the start that no rooster is going to come between him and his dog. Then he cute-meets a woman, who just happens to be his vet. Again, he has sworn off women since he has just come off a divorce and loves his single life with his dog. She has just gone through a divorce and when she spies him being especially gentle with his dog, her heart is forever his. There you go: that is the whole plot of what should be a romantic memoir, except that there is a rooster involved. Of course, nothing ever goes right when there is a rooster involved. As the author becomes more involved with his vet and her two daughters, he finds that THIS is what life is all about. Well, everything WOULD be great, except for the rooster that was supposed to be a hen. The two girls hatch an egg as part of a school project and they become extremely attached to this creature, baby talking, coddling and all. So as he becomes closer to this family unit, he learns that the chick is in all reality a rooster. A rooster now named Buddy, that is very protective of his girls. I have never laughed so much as when the author discovered that roosters can live for 15 years or so. As the family gets married and moves into a new home together, they make space for the rooster which truly rules the roost by giving him his own coop but the darn thing still comes in the house. McGrory is forced to make peace with Buddy or have pieces of him removed, peck by peck, as the two fight for dominance. This book should appeal to fans of animal-filled memoirs like Dewey and Marley and Me. McGrory knows how to capture your attention with his wit and you can feel the love he has for his animals.

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