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Body by You: The You Are Your Own Gym Guide to Total Women's Fitness - Mark Lauren MY THOUGHTS LOVED ITEvery January, I try to get back into shape and this year I think I found the perfect book to help me out. I can't get to a gym and with a bad back, some exercises are just impossible for me to try. I am now working through this program and I find that it is really easy to do. No special equipment, no special things, just a door and some floor space to make the whole thing work. You can make the exercise as easy as you need it to be and for anyone with injuries, it is easy to work up to doing more repetitions as the author recommends. I have found that my strength is increasing and I can easily work in these movements. I really recommend that you find a very stable door - I use the fire door between my house and garage. I was afraid that using one of the other interior doors would be too much of a strain on the hinges. I really don't mind doing these movements and the whole program reminds of a fitness class that I took in college that had me in the best shape ever. I really recommend this easy to use guide to getting you back into shape.

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