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A Hard Act to Follow - Henry Bushkin MY THOUGHTSLOVED ITHenry Bushkin met Johnny Carson early in his career as a lawyer which led to him becoming Johnny's attorney and business partner. Bushkin can really write. I have read a lot of memoirs and really love to read all the gossipy, tell all ones. This doesn't disappoint. You get all of the behind the scenes action along with insight into what made Johnny Carson tick. Although I don't know if anyone could really know exactly what drives someone, Bushkin came pretty close to knowing exactly why and how Carson became so successful. What really surprised me most about their relationship was how many people took advantage of Carson. I have heard this story about famous people before and a lot of them are taken to the cleaners by unscrupulous people.Some of the stories Bushkin tells about Carson are truly heart warming and some are totally baffling. I think a lot of it had a lot to do with the fact that Carson was a functioning alcoholic during much of his life. I know as a kid we used to love to stay up late to watch him and I think almost everyone knows how Carson gave chances to the comics we all love today. As Bushkin relates his own life in relation to Carson's he explains that his own relationships paid a heavy price for being at the beck and call of such a powerful man. Like a king, Carson had anything and everything (and one) he could possibly want and did share the spoils with his friends.

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