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A Christmas Home - Greg Kincaid MY THOUGHTSLOVED ITA small town in Kansas has seen it's share of troubled economic times and a lot of people and pets are losing their homes. With no other financial means, a lot of sweet dogs end up in the shelter run by Todd. The city is running out of money as well which leads to a limited amount of funds for the shelter and an overwhelming amount of animals being abandoned. As Todd tries to overcome his own disabilities and maintain an independent life, it all may be threatened if the shelter is forced to close.At the shelter, he meets Laura, who has her own physical limits and Todd trains a reserved Lab to assist her. The dog named Christmas (from the first book in this series), brings out the best of everyone as they fight to save the shelter. Laura encourages Todd to be the best he can be and stand up for what he believes in. There is a collective sigh of release when Todd again pulls off a Christmas miracle again. I loved the story and was in tears the first chapter since it starts out with an abandon dog injured in a car accident. I was so glad that it had a happy ending. This book can stand alone but it is nice to read them in order.

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