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Elemental Explosions - Kailin Gow MY THOUGHTS LOVED ITAfter completing the world building in the first installment of The Alchemists Academy, Wirt finds that he is no longer the new kid and Roland threatens his spot to make the Elite 14 in the third year group. Roland is not the best candidate in his eyes since he doesn't always play fair. Everything just seems to come easily to him and that raises suspicions in Wirt's eyes. Alana has grown more sure of herself and even lovelier, especially to Wirt. Even though he feels she that Roland has stolen her heart. Wirt is put through his paces as he tries to get into the Elite Class. Again, there are the entertaining characters of the Headmaster and other teachers based on Merlin and the Lady of the Lake as well as favorites Spencer and Princess Priscilla. I miss that Spencer wasn't around as much in this installment. The end will have you on the edge of your seat as you wait to hear which students made it through to the elite class. This is a very clean middle grade read.

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