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The Ex-Wife - Candice Dow MY THOUGHTSLOVED ITAyana has worked hard and it has all paid off. She currently has a booming psychology practice, two bestsellers, a call in radio show and is about to buy her first home. When a mutual friend introduces her to Cameron, a hot shot real estate agent, she is completely taken with him, so much so, that she sleeps with him that night. OK, now, everything happens really organically and the author builds the immediate attraction between them, that there is no other way they can not get together. It is really love at first sight for the both of them. And, yes, I was yelling at Ayala, NO! don't do that,. you are an extremely educated women who deals in relationships, you should know better. Well, she didn't listen to me.The next day at work Ayala gets a foul online call that calls her a homewrecker and accuses her of sleeping with a married man. She immediately breaks it off with Cameron and he pleads with her that the divorce is almost final. This ex seems the stuff Fatal Attraction was made from and everything starts to happen except the bunny on the stove. Ayala's new home is vandalized, her car is stolen, she gets threatening messages every where she turns. Of course, this might cause the weakest of women to give up, but Ayala sees something in Cameron. He stayed married to the crazy woman, Yasmin, because they had a son together until she threw an affair right in his face and he could no longer ignore her baiting him.I really liked all of the characters, even Yasmin, crazy as she could be, just seemed a little off and needed to grow up. The story is told in alternating view points between these characters and was a good way to show that Yasmin wasn't quite as crazy as she appeared. OH! And there is a magnificent plot twist towards the end that had me yelling YES! This was really a fun and quick read, just perfect for an afternoon when you need to get lost in something crazy.

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