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Pukka's Promise: The Quest for Longer-Lived Dogs - Ted Kerasote MY THOUGHTSLOVED ITThis story about Ted Kerasote's new dog Pukka is filled with heart warming tales of puppyhood from actually researching what he wanted in a new dog after his beloved Merle died, to doing everything he could to insure this new dog would have a long life. Interspersed with the story of Pukka is his research into what is actually good for your dog. I wish I had access to a book like this before I ever owned a dog. It would have made such a difference in the quality of life for them. Since I didn't have this information, the best I can do is try to help my dog live the best life she can now. Kerasote takes on the big business that has become pet services and food. What is actually best for your dog? He takes on those big businesses from pet toys to food as well as the vet and their recommended treatments for vaccines, something I had a lot of questions about. I plan on asking a lot fo questions at my next appointment with my dog. With all the recalls lately with pet treats, it is really scary about how those big businesses and governments react to reported problems. I really wish this information was more available to all pet owners.

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