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Winner Bakes All (The Cupcake Club) - Sheryl Berk, Carrie Berk MY THOUGHTSLOVED ITSadie and her friends are in the fifth grade and have a business baking cupcakes for the locals. As they experiment with new recipes, they are also learning the ins and outs of running a successful business. With the help of Sadie's older brothers, they manage to make their deliveries mostly on time. Their biggest client, a local shop, has had major storm damage to his shop and Sadie suggests that her father help him out since he has a construction company and business is slow right now. So slow in fact, that money issues are causing a rift between her parents and she fears that they may get a divorce. The other members of the cupcake club help support her both in school and at home.The girls are also feeling a budget crunch within their business and decide to enter a television baking contest. Even though they don't win, it shows them that they can work on deadlines and think outside the box. This is such a feel good read that will get younger kids thinking about how important your friends are. When Sadie has major issues in math, the girls rally around her and help her think about math in new ways, mainly equating it to baking and cupcakes to get over her fears. When she has fears about her home life, they support her and help her work through her feelings. Even though this is the third book in the series, I had no problem picking up on the characters and their activities. OH! and there are recipes that sound wonderful and I really want to try them!

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