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The Tao of Martha: My Year of LIVING; Or, Why I'm Never Getting All That Glitter Off of the Dog - Jen Lancaster MY THOUGHTS ABSOLUTELY LOVED ITIn Lancaster's latest memoir, we learn how the Thundercats came to be, the loss of Maisy (I got a bit misty at this part) and the abuse she doles out to poor Fletch. I did get the impression that Fletch laughs at her behind her back at times and it is so refreshing to read that this pair are truly in love. I am also glad to know that she didn't buy her house because of the gun cabinet. I do follow her blog, so some of these stories were hinted at there, but when you read the fully fleshed out version, they become more real, more humorous and a bit more touching. Yes, Jen gets a bit serious in this one and we get to see a more grown up look. I am also a bit sad that she is being contained from her public Ambien frolics. Those were some seriously funny situations. If you are a fan of Lancaster's blog, you will never forget the Barbie Doll Head situation. In her year of Martha, she tries crafts and actually find she can do some of the decorating and cooking just like the big M. I always pick up a few cooking tips from her books when she gets on a self-improvement thread. I was also inspired to clean out a few drawers until I decided I could just continue to contain my messes in cabinets, much like Jen used to. I wonder exactly how many of these habits she actually stuck with. I also always come away with a few new addictions like One Kings Road. I am done decorating my house, but a girl can dream. That is part of the joy of reading can live vicariously through her addictions and never get dirty yourself. Well, all except her garden when her friend and landscaper discovers why her garden isn't growing, (hint -- water is involved). Oh MY GOSH, THAT was truly a funtacular moment to some like me who would live outside among my roses as much as possible. I admit I am a bit jealous that she has room for sixty bushes for her cutting garden.

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