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The Potty Mouth at the Table - Laurie Notaro MY THOUGHTSABSOLUTELY LOVED ITWhen ever I am having a bad day, I just tune into Laurie and she never fails to brighten everything around me. She starts off with one of my favorites about her hobo that lives in the alley way behind her house. Now, normally, someone living in your bushes would really be a horror story, but she changes all that and makes you really seriously contemplate getting your own alley complete with a hobo. We also get to meet Ambien Laurie and if you have seen her Facebook posts, you will really enjoy this. I would love to get Ambien Laurie in a room with Ambien Jen Lancaster and just watch the fun explode. That would be a seriously wild conversation. I really want to hunt down the "poet" who called Laurie a "potty mouth" on a humorist panel. I think she rightly did not name this guy since her fans would hunt down and berate this guy, possibly some of her really hard core fans might even get all "stabby" to quote Jen Lancaster. This book is a bit of a transition for the author since she has moved from Phoenix to Eugene. One thing I have learned that I never want to travel with her since she is a bit of a nervous flyer and her run-in with the wonderful TSA people makes you really wonder if they are looking for terrorists or just want to hassle people. Did you also know that there are people who collect fabric? Much like others collect figurines, Laurie has developed somewhat of a hoarder instinct when it comes to cheap fabric. I only have that issue with books. The last story in this book relates a serious and wonderfully touching epitaph about losing your best friend. I almost think she grew up a bit in this book. Now, how much longer until I get another bunch of stories? I guess I just will continue stalking her on Facebook.

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