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Bad Monkey - Carl Hiaasen MY THOUGHTSABSOLUTELY LOVED ITAndrew Yancy is having a bad day, well, really a bad month. He lost his job as a police detective when he attacks his girlfriend, Bonnie's husband with a mini vac. I can't even begin to describe what he does with it but let it be known that it was all over YouTube in minutes. The newly elected sheriff really likes Yancy, so he gets him a job as a restaurant inspector in the Florida Keys. Yancy promptly looses about 20 pounds. Also, Bonnie is a wanted woman since the affair with one of her high school students. Mix in a Medicare scam, a detached arm that won't go away and a new love in the form of a forensic doctor, Rosa, called to examine said arm. Of course, there are lots of little sub plots, something for everyone with an environmental theme running throughout. Yancy's next door neighbor is overbuilding a house and down in the Bahamas, a pristine beach is being developed by the owner of the lost arm and Medicare scammer. I can't reveal much more since it would reveal too much of the plot but let's just say that Karma comes calling for this evil person. Each character has a unique flavor that only Hiaasen can provide. The best thing about Hiaasen's books is that the plot details and story lines are so absurd they couldn't possibly be true and then you read the notes. Almost everything is mined from Florida headlines and then embellished with great flare. Hiaasen creates another wonderful story and he is one of the few authors that I have read everything he has written. Even the gold book and I am not a golf fan. The twist at the end will truly have you smiling as the bad guys get what they deserve. Oh, and the good guy gets the girl.

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