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The King's Deception  - Steve Berry MY THOUGHTSLOVED ITCotton Malone's ex-wife has just made a devistating admission to their son about his biological father. Gary, now a teen, has always thought that Cotton was his biological father and his world is thrown into a whirlwind. Now retired and owning a bookstore in Denmark, he comes home to get Gary to take him back to Copenhagen with him and try to rebuild their relationship. His old boss asks him for a favor, to bring back another youth, Ian, to London, who has the UK version of the CIA in an uproar. All because Ian happened to pickpocket the wrong man which put him in possession of a thumb drive with information that could bring down the crown.In a story much like Dan Brown's books, this one is fast-paced built around an obscure historical footnote (bit of a spoiler - check out Bram Stoker's Famous Impostors) that implies Queen Elizabeth I was actually a man since the real princess had died before coming to the throne. Yeah, it really sounds far fetched but when Cotton is teamed up with an almost fired Inspector for the SOCA (British FBI) named Kathleen, things become really scary. As Cotton and Gary befriend Ian, they step unawares into a thrilling plot to cover up the information they find.This is one gripping book that had me up reading late into the night. There is so much happening that I don't want to spoil anything for anyone but I just love books based on historical fiction that really could be true. The boys in the story add quite a bit of human detail and gives an eye towards little insights that can sometimes be missed with just adults around. I really enjoyed all of the characters as well as the plot. Even the bad guys seemed pretty heroic and cast in shades of gray, while one of the good guys had equal shades of evil. I have read other books in this series and most of these stand alone so you can easily jump in on any one of them.

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