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What You Want Is in the Limo: On the Road with Led Zeppelin, Alice Cooper, and the Who in 1973, the Year the Sixties Died and the Modern Rock Star Was Born - Michael  Walker MY THOUGHTSLOVED ITThe story covers three major musical groups during their epic tours during 1973. This was the year that changed how bands toured, fans perceived them and the money they made. The Who, elder statesmen, have just released Quadrophenia and plan to put this album on display like they did with Tommy. Led Zeppelin, craves the critical attention that The Who attains and is touring around the United States in their first major press. Alice Cooper champions a true stage presentation of their music with Billion Dollar Babies. Each band has something different to offer the audience but underneath it all, they just want attention. This is the start of rock stardom with all of the excess and lays the foundation for any musical wannabe to attain. I found this book truly fascinating even though it presents a history of each act and contains a lot of facts about the background of each. There is a lot of analysis. interviews with the people who supported each act and goes into the business behind a major band during this time period. Yes, the drugs and groupies are all mentioned and a lot of the stories I had heard in passing are all present. Led Zeppelin's groupies, Keith Moon's drugs and Alice Cooper's alcohol are given fair play. I have met several people mentioned as supporting characters and found that reading their history put a whole new spin on it for me.

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